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  • 100 Winchester Way, Statesboro, GA 30458 (912) 764-6013
  • 116 High Hat Cir, Greenville, SC 29617 (828) 743-9556


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Vapor Stirling Heat Machine

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US Patent:
47947527, Jan 3, 1989
May 14, 1987
Appl. No.:
Roy H. Redderson - Statesboro GA
International Classification:
F03C 500
US Classification:
A heat machine which employs a condensing working fluid in a Stirling type mechanical arrangement. An initial mass of working fluid is contained within a closed space. Portions of hot and cold volumes are cyclically varied, which transfers a small percentage of the working fluid through large hot and cold heat exchangers interconnected with a periodic flow regenerator. With the exception of the regenerator space, the transferred working fluid is substantially in the liquid phase during the near isothermal heat rejection and compression stages, and substantially in the superheated vapor phase during the near isothermal heat addition and expansion stages. A control cylinder varies the effective mass of working fluid within the machine, so as to provide for output control. Decreasing the effective mass causes a shift in the operating cycle toward the superheated vapor region with lower mean pressure cycles, and increasing the mass causes a shift to the liquid region with higher mean pressure cycles. The large near isothermal heat exchangers assist in effective regeneration of the working fluid through the vapor dome, and further, provide considerable improvement in cycle thermal efficiencies.
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