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Multimedia Computerized Patient Record System

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US Patent:
2002014, Oct 10, 2002
Nov 1, 2001
Appl. No.:
Manoucher Gueramy - Midland MI,
Anthony Gueramy - Midland MI,
Paul Ries - Midland MI,
Michael Hunt - Midland MI,
International Classification:
US Classification:
A multimedia computerized patient medical record system is provided that employs an interactive graphic user interface. The patient medical record system organizes data entry, retrieval and presentation to enhance the ability of specialized medical professionals in more efficiently and successfully completing medical decisions, and thus deliver improved patient healthcare. An interactive graphical user interface is provided which is customized based on specialization of particular physician practices. Furthermore, customization yields an attractive easy-to-use system because the interactive graphical user interface is implemented with specific considerations directed to a physician high speed work flow and great dependency on accurate information. Thus, an interactive graphical user interface with an ergonomic implementation is produced in which the display is integrated with an interactive aspect to allow user input and manipulation of the data.
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